Day 15: Sell your gas (petrol) car

If everyone in the world stopped using gas-powered vehicles today we’d reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7.3 billion tons per year*

Next, you’re going to need to sell your gas (petrol) car, if you own one. Do this as soon as possible because the value of gas cars is going to reduce dramatically year after year from now on.

As the world transitions to electric cars, demand for gas cars will decrease and as a result, prices will fall.

If you need a car, you’ll have to buy an electric car and power it using your 100% renewable energy supply. It’s not exactly ideal in terms of reducing emissions because producing cars (even electric cars) causes a lot of carbon emissions in order to produce the steel and manufacture the car. But if people must use cars, this is a sensible and logical step.

Taking public transport instead of using gas cars is estimated to save 14 million tonnes of CO2 each year in the US. However, switching to an electric vehicle can also reduce your transport emissions by three-quarters when compared to gas.

Wait a minute. How can selling your car help stop climate change?

OK so if you sell your gas-powered car it just means someone else will use it to burn fossil fuels. We can’t expect everyone to dump their gas cars and never drive again. It’s not realistic.

However, we can manipulate the automobile market and the fossil fuels market using demand. As more people sell their gas-powered cars demand falls and supply increases, which means prices drop. This is going to happen increasingly as the years go by now. So I’m actually telling you to sell your gas-powered car now to stop you from losing money.

Your gas-powered car is going to decrease in value year after year. Transitioning away from gas-powered cars early is the best way to manipulate the fossil fuel market with maximum effect. The more people do this, the more the market is manipulated and the faster the world will transition away from fossil fuels. But, as with all of this, it starts with you.

You, the consumer, drive demand. The earlier we make the change in demand, the faster the world will transition away from fossil fuels.

*C2ES, 2019. U.S. Emissions. [Online] Available at:

Carbon neutral electric cars

Bentley electric car in beautiful sunset
Bentley plans to go end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030. That means they’ll produce net-zero carbon at every stage of production, distribution and use of their vehicles
Arnold Schwarzenegger
You don’t need a title to be a leader


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