Day 18: Bulk buy carbon-negative chocolate

Is your chocolate bar causing climate change? It doesn’t have to. Just do this…

Chocolate has to be picked, processed and shipped — and most companies use fossil fuels to do it.
But you can easily switch to a carbon-neutral chocolate bar and munch guilt-free, knowing that your delicious luxury snack isn’t causing global warming.

It’s a fairly straightforward decision for most people: “I’m happy to pay 50 cents extra to not cause global warming when I buy chocolate”. Especially when you think we want to limit our chocolate intake, generally speaking.

By making the switch you’re telling chocolate businesses that you won’t be part of the burning of fossil fuels, in any part of your life. And eventually, businesses will respond by making more chocolate without burning fossil fuels.

You can speed up the transition to a fossil-fuel-free world by only buying products that are made without burning any fossil fuels, or at the very least have a net-zero carbon footprint.

Carbon neutral chocolate bars

Above: Alter eco chocolate

Eventually, all chocolate will probably be carbon neutral. Until then we need to choose the few that are. As demand for carbon-neutral chocolate increases more manufacturers will respond to the change in consumer behavior.

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