Day 6: Switch to carbon-neutral, plastic-free toilet paper that plants trees

For every toilet roll sold by Serious Tissues one tree is planted. Plus they’re carbon neutral and plastic free.

By now, you’re probably seeing how every decision you make can have a positive or negative impact on climate change. You make that choice every time you buy something.

If you don’t make the choices that reduce fossil fuel use, you can’t expect other people to and you can’t expect anything to ever change. That’s why I made the hashtag “#itstartswithyou” — because if you’re not prepared to make the right choices, who will?

With a Serious Toilet Paper subscription, a tree is planted for every toilet roll you buy, no plastic is used to package the rolls, the toilet paper is made in the UK and it’s carbon neutral. That means every time you buy a box, you’re planting 36 trees and not causing a net increase in carbon emissions! Plus you get free delivery.

Carbon neutral, plastic-free toilet paper delivery

At the moment I only know of one fully carbon-neutral toilet paper and that’s Serious Tissues. However, there is also a brand called Who Gives a Crap that offers a similar service in the US. It’s plastic-free and they donate profits to good causes, but it’s not carbon neutral (yet at least).

Jules Renard
It is more difficult to be an honorable man for a week than to be a hero for fifteen minutes Jules Renard


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