Day 1: Switch your home electricity to 100% renewable

If everyone in the world switched their home electricity to renewable today we’d reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10.8 billion tons per year.

_Coal power station
In 2021, approximately 50 billion tons of greenhouse gases were released into the atmosphere.
Burning waste
In order to stop climate change, we have to get that number down to zero. Or ‘net zero’.
Clean energy
What can you do? The first and most important thing you need to do is switch your home electricity to a 100% renewable service so that you stop burning fossil fuels when you power your home.

Switching your home’s electricity to 100% renewable energy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it means you can start powering other things, like your central heating and your car using your renewable energy supply.

This is absolutely critical to stopping climate change and everyone is going to have to make this switch. If you want to stop climate change, stop reading this and use the link below to switch your energy tariff online now.

Compare renewable energy suppliers

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Wait a minute…

You might be thinking, “my home is connected to the national grid”, if I use one of those services to switch to renewable electricity, I’ll still be burning fossil fuels”.

Here’s my answer…

If 0% of people switch to renewable electricity, 0% of the grid will be powered by renewables.

If 100% of people switch to renewable electricity, 100% of the grid will be powered by renewables.

By switching you’re basically ‘voting’ to make energy suppliers source all of their energy using renewables. They have to do this by law. If everyone switches they cannot sell you electricity that is made by burning fossil fuels.

So, how are you going to vote?

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Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world Howard Zinn
Tony Robbins
Take what you learn and make a difference with it Tony Robbins


Imagine if 1 million people completed 100 Days to Save the World.

We would change the world.

It's possible.

Imagine how the world could be.

It's up to us to change it. Not someone else.

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